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A killer was born online. You could be the next one?

Facebook kills .Actually, Facebook kills what?

Source of the picture : DarkDelaqroux

Facebook seems to be a platform where when relationship breaks, the offline consequences follow. It seems to be a tool that can mend or destroy relationship. How?

According to this article it  has been reported  that the “Dutch court has jailed a teenage boy The latter  stabbed  a 15 years old girl and even attempt to kill her father”. The reason? Referring to the source “the girl had allegedly posted derogatory comments about another girl on Facebook”. The social networking site, Facebook involved in a murder case. Can you imagine that?


 Is Facebook trying to join the Guinness world record for contract killing? Time only can answer this question!

First of all, Facebook is not the killer but can contribute into planning a murder. And, this is what happens with the case of the 15- year old Jing Hua K., who mercilessly stabbed his victim so as to avenge an insult made on Facebook.

 What happen to the boy?

Well, he was jailed for 1 year and was ordered to spend at least two years under psychiatric care.. This is why one should recall that the entire responsibility lies in the hands of the user of how to use this platform with maturity and to his or her control inhibitions.

Then, does Facebook triggers evils, contract killing or does human nature nurtures evils?

 When describing the murder case the “The court is of the opinion the defendant deliberately killed” the victim, Joyce Hau. In the same vein, the judges proved that it was a murder which was planned online and even the price for the murder was already set. Futhermore, when the accused reached to the door of the victim under the pretext of having something to give her, he “repeatedly stabbed her with a knife” in her neck and face with a clear attempt of committing a murder. The girl was left in a pool of blood .The victim died five days later in the hospital.And the surprising fact was that he followed the orders of some else and went to kill a girl he did not know personally. And, from the judges’ perspective, the accused seems to be having a serious behavioural disorder with psychopathic traits”.

– Conclusion-

Then, whose is to be blame?

   Source: (Blogspot)


THE AUSTRALIAN. (2012, September 04). Dutch boy jailed over Facebook killing. Retrieved from

 Source of the picture:


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